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Pride in Libby seen in both positive and negative forms

| August 10, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

I see a lot of pride in Libby, but for varying reasons — both positive and negative, which works against us. There's the obvious we all appreciate: the crystal clear streams, majestic mountains, thrill of wildlife, the trustworthy faithful who persevere through hard times and reach out to help others. From there the source of pride appears to divide.

Some are positive in their pride … reflected by the beautiful flowers, well-maintained buildings, gorgeous artwork, thoughtfully designed signs, unified efforts toward improved functionality and beautification — thanks town servants and revitalization committees.

But many things overshadow the beauty, reflecting a negative form of pride. As you drive through Libby you see properties overflowing and cluttered with every kind of junk and debris imaginable, associated buildings long used and abused, carelessly erected signs, and block after block of increasing casinos and alcohol. Has anyone checked the per capita ratio? It's like a cancer with groping tentacles.

Drugs and gambling have a long history of destroying brains, pocketbooks and relationships and in the process, cultivating crime. I've heard it said that drugs are much easier to buy in Libby than major cities. Another bragged of a facility that returned over 90 percent from their machines (ATMs return 100 percent). Accordingly, crime is rising and we're being robbed!

There are ample ordinances on the books, and people who care, to maintain a healthy community. Why are these destructive issues being given free rein to prosper? And destroy the weak and vulnerable taken captive by their liberty?

Come on Libby! Let's do all we can to support the spirit of LRI and the health of our community.

Laura E McGlasson