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Please reconsider decision to close Libby's Clay Mart store

| April 29, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

We are writing this letter in response to the closing of the Clay Mart Ceramic shop.

We are saddened by this closure. Not only are we losing a worthwhile hobby for many people in Libby but for the clients as well. So many of us have enjoyed ceramics and really feel that we will have lost a great art. Any day that we have gone to the shop, we have seen happy clients working at cleaning and painting projects.

Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts are two groups that have enjoyed working in the shop as well as high school and junior high school and grade school students. To lose such a wonderful addition to our town is a terrible loss.

We have supported this shop and spent many dollars here. Thelma and Linda are great employees and have done a great job working for you. We realize that as a business, you must cut costs. We understand that and can appreciate your needs. But please realize the need that is also here in Libby. Perhaps an option for you would be to even open the Clay Mart two days a week, or every other week, and allow Thelma to keep some of the more popular molds. Maybe on a smaller scale you could be cost effective and still supply the much-needed service to the clients as well as the schools, Scouts and the general crafters in Libby.

Having to travel 200 miles for any ceramic needs is just too far.

Please reconsider your closing of this fine store.

Cherie Gunderson

Sandra Wagner

Emogene Hamlyn

Jill Wilson

Evon Sizemore

LaRaye Gwins

Marsha Gwins

Linda Schultz

Anita Rossing

Cindy Wagner

Delaine Lawson

Roberta Taylor