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Hookup fees kudos

| April 29, 2005 12:00 AM

The City of Libby is on the right track in respect to new sewer and water hookup fees.

The cost of hooking up to the two systems would then help defray future maintenance and expansion costs.

In some places this is called growth paying its way. It's actually very common outside of western Montana.

It puts the city, if it diligently puts aside the money in a designated fund, in a position of making improvements without having to constantly raise sewer and water rates for every little improvement to the system.

Yes, it does add to the cost of developing a piece of property in the city. And yes, that makes it less attractive to develop in the city.

But on the other hand the city will eventually find itself in a proactive position of making life better within its meager boundaries thus making living in the city more attractive.

Presently, residents of the city have all the added expenses and little hope for relief or improvement because the city is strapped for cash.

This is a good ordinance for the long-term development of the city. The council mustn't be allowed to let it gather dust because of short-sightedness.

It's actually a pro-development action in the long run by giving the city the ability to make something happen. The council needs to straighten out the language problems with the proposed ordinance as written and pass it.

And then it needs to be enforced and not ignored as suggested by one council member.

It's nice to see the city council taking a proactive position in regards to the future. - Roger Morris