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Modern shooting range needed but where?

| April 27, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

Yes, we have a need for a modern and quality shooting range in the Troy area.

I do not believe the proposed Southside Road site is a good site or the best site. I believe with some creativity, ingenuity and money a better site can be located and procured. If we are going to do a project like this it is in our best interests to do it at the best location possible, even if it means spending some money to get it done right. It would be a bigger asset to the Troy area of it is located in a convenient area.

Having a convenient location on a paved road is very important for many reasons:

l Easy year around access;

l Easy for elderly and handicapped people to access;

l Easy for law enforcement to patrol and respond to less vandalism;

l Easy for out of town visitors to find and enjoy;

l Less road dust, less road maintenance, less dust abatement, thus a cost saving;

l Safer road and more convenient for all.

With 250 plus petitioners for a Troy gun range there should be plenty of volunteers for construction, fundraisers, raffles, location ideas, land donations, and, yes, monetary contributions. Most gun ranges you pay a membership or usage fee.

I believe a first class gun range site would benefit Troy for many years in many ways.

Brain Higgins