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GOP wastes money with grandstanding

| April 27, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

At a cost of $76,000 per day, the Republicans in the House delayed the end of the legislative session and wasted money set aside for the special session needed to deal with school funding. Although the budget was balanced without a tax increase, and with $78 million left over for any contingency such as forest fires during the interim, they insisted that their only desire was to rebate taxes.

If that were true, why did the Republican chair of taxation committee stop Senator Jim Elliott's bill which would have lowered taxes on 95 percent of Montanans? The Republican tax rebate would have helped the very wealthy. Senator Elliott's bill would have given money back to virtually everyone in Lincoln County.

Their grandstanding not only cost you money but also kept you from getting a rebate on your taxes. Which is the real tax and spend party?

Eileen Carney