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Don't let there be a vacant lot

| April 27, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

Soon the good people of Libby will have the chance to decide the future of the old high school. I hope everyone will take advantage of letting his or her voice be heard. Most places are just told what will happen with their schools - being able to vote for something like this is unusual at best.

Mr. Huntsberger's argument about selling Glacier National Park (April 15 issue of the Western News) is one of the lamest arguments I have ever heard. Come on - it is time to get real, the people that want to tear down the school have no good arguments for doing so. Private ownership has always been better, for the simple reason private owners have the incentive of making a profit. When was the last time any government made a profit? Government gets its money from taking your tax dollars, plain and simple.

If the building is torn down, it will cost the taxpayers even more than it first seems. Being a graduate of Libby High, I can do the simple math. Teardown costs of $100,000 or more were thrown around. Friends of the School have offered to pay $100,000, so selling will profit the school district $100,000, plus future tax revenue. Looks like if you tear it down you will be losing out on over $200,000 for the schools.

I hope you will all vote to sell the school. We keep hearing about shortfalls in the school budget. This is an opportunity to make some money for the school district without raising taxes. This type of opportunity does not come by often in our world. You can make a choice to increase the school budget by just a vote. Nothing out of your pocket, it will only cost you a little time to go vote and save a lot of money in the long run.

The choice seems pretty obvious to me. I encourage everyone to go vote. In a town as small as Libby every vote is worth a lot. This is democracy at its best. Please take the time to go vote and read what you're voting for and ask for help if you need it.

Please don't let there be a big vacant lot in the middle of my and your hometown.

Teddi Backen Hyde