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Something is missing in Libby

| April 6, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

As I was going around town awhile back doing errands, a sad empty feeling came over me. I was thinking of the various Libby people I've known who have passed away and of what a void that has been left in knowing I won't see those familiar faces again.

Some of these people have passed away recently, and it has been awhile for others, but I still miss them. When I came home, I was still feeling sad and I remembered a friend saying how it helps to put a pen to our sadness. So the following poem is what came about when I did that. I wanted to share it in hopes that it may bring a touch of healing to those who've been left behind.

Something is Missing

We may not have seen them every day

These dear Libby people who have passed away

But their lives were a part of us in so many ways

Their passing has left an emptiness in our days.

Perhaps it was a hug at the grocery store

Or a voice on the radio announcing a score

Maybe a golf game with a beautiful view

A smile at work or the same church pew.

A beautiful painting that took your breath away

Or a quiet caring moment adding sunshine to your day

Whatever it was that they shared with you

I am sure many of you miss them just as I do.

Things just aren't the same as they were before

It's hard to imagine we'll see them no more

But though we still miss them and wish they were here,

Our lives were made richer by their caring and cheer.

Their love will live on through family and friends

May it be a comfort remembering love never ends

And as we think of their loved ones who've been left behind

Let this be our way of saying…you're still on our mind.

Judy Tabis