Libby and Troy compete at Archie Roe, place multiple events

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The Libby and Troy high school track and field teams faced fierce competition Saturday at the Archie Roe in Kalispell, but came away in the top three in multiple events with several wins for Libby as well.

Libby sophomore Jay Beagle placed first in the 400 meter dash with a personal best time of 50.41 seconds. He also won the javelin, throwing for 133 feet, 2 inches.

For Troy, senior Hunter Leighty had the most successful day. Though he added about 3/4 of a second to his 400 meter dash time over this best so far, he dropped his time in the 200 meter dash by about 1/4, setting a new personal best at 23.24 seconds.

Leighty took third place in the 100 meter, 200 meter and 400 meter dashes.

Beagle and Leighty were once again in incredibly close competition. Beagle set a personal best in the 200 meter dash as well, taking second place with 23.21 seconds -- only .03 seconds ahead of Leighty.

Troy freshman A.J Starks set a new personal record in the 1,600 meter run, finishing in 5:24.58.

In the shot put, Troy senior Tyler Gromley threw a new personal best, reaching 36 feet, 11 inches. He also had a new personal best in the discuss, hitting 99 feet, 8.5 inches.

Troy junior Ella Pierce, who has been battling with a knee injury was the only Lady Trojan who made it onto the results from the event, reaching 4 feet, 7 inches in the high jump, an inch short of her personal best.

Libby junior John Cheroske set a personal best in the 800 meter run, finishing in 2:05.04, and senior Will O’Connell had personal bests in both the 1,600 meter run and the 3,200 meter run -- as did freshman teammate Dawson Rose in the 3,200 meter run.

Libby senior Cyrus Sweedman hit a personal best in discus, winning the event with 126 feet, 4.5 inches. He also had a personal record in the shot put with 43 feet, 1.75 inches, and in the javelin with 124 feet, 4 inches.

Libby senior Colten Clemons came in second in the high jump, reaching a personal record 6 feet, 2 inches. Junior teammate Keith Johnson held at 6 feet from prior competitions.

The Lady Loggers did not fair quite as well as the boys, with senior Autumn Fajotina having the only personal best, throwing for 52 feet, 11 inches in the javelin.

However, Fajotina joined several teammates in setting season records, including senior Emma Gruber and sophomore Bridget Pena.

Archie Invitational

Saturday, may 4


100m dash - varsity: 1. Chance Sheldon-Allen (Flathead) 11.35a; 2. Dyllyn Stabler (Glacier) 11.55a; 3. Hunter Leighty (Troy) 11.57a.

Also for Libby: 9. Colten Clemons 11.94a; 23. Eli Gilliam-Smith 12.51a.

100m dash - freshman: 1. Nate Prieto (Flathead) 12.14a; 2. Carter Morgan (Choteau) 12.25a; 3. Austin Robinson (Flathead) 12.39a.

Also for Libby: 7. Kaleb Folk 12.56a.

200m dash - varsity: 1. Chance Sheldon-Allen (Flathead) 22.99a; 2. Jay Beagle (Libby) 23.21a (PR); 3. Hunter Leighty (Troy) 23.24a (PR).

200m dash - freshman: 1. Louis Bartlett (Glacier) 24.97a; 2. Kaleb Folk (Libby) 25.38a; 3. Marley Miller (Flathead) 25.47a.

400m dash - varsity: 1. Jay Beagle (Libby) 50.41a (PR); 2. Sean Hegstad (Glacier) 50.95a (PR); 3. Hunter Leighty (Troy) 51.22a.

800m run - varsity: 1. Kyle Calles (Flathead) 1:59.38a (SR); 2. James Normandeau (Ronan) 2:01.46a (PR); 3. Parker Noland (Flathead) 2:03.07a (PR).

Also for Libby: 10. John Cheroske 2:05.04a (PR).

1,600m run - varsity: 1. Ben Perrin (Flathead) 4:21.02a (SR); 2. Ian Curtis (Hellgate) 4:32.38a (SR); 3. Kyle Calles (Flathead) 4:39.6a (PR).

Also for Libby: 21. John Cheroske 5:06.42a.

1,600 m run - JV: 1. Ignatius Fitzgerald (Hellgate) 4:51.97a (PR); 2. Jaden Attard (Flathead) 4:56.7a (PR); 3. Ben Schwaller (Glacier) 4:56.74a (PR).

Also for Libby: 16. Will O’Connell 5:18.71a (PR).

1,600m run - freshman:

1. Samuel Ells (Glacier) 4:52.61a; 2. Isaac Reynolds (Lincoln County) 5:01.47a (PR).

Also for Troy: 12. A.J. Starks 5:24.58a (PR).

1,600 m run - JV: 1. Ignatius Fitzgerald (Hellgate) 10:17.19a; 2. Miles Colescott (Hellgate) 10:40.44a (SR); 3. Aidan Duffield (Hellgate) 10:41.6a (PR).

Also for Libby: 13. Will O’Connell 11:34.45a (PR).

3,200m run - freshman: 1. Samuel Ells (Glacier) 10:30.1a (PR); 2. Scott Chaussee (Hellgate) 11:11.69a; 3. Samuel Aczas (Flathead) 11:26.06a.

Also for Troy: 5. A.J. Starks 11:52.73a.

Also for Libby: 6. Dawson Rose 12:26.26a (PR).

Shot put - 12lb varsity: 1. Tre Krause (Glacier) 44-09.75; 2. Landon Lynch (Ronan) 43-09.75 (SR); 3. Cyrus Sweedman (Libby) 43-01.75 (PR).

Also for Troy: 17. Tyler Gromley 36-11 (PR).

Shot put - 12lb freshman:

1. Levi Taylor (Bigfork) 39-02; 2. Layne Cooney (Hellgate) 38-09 (PR); 3. Aydan Williamson (Libby) 37-02.5.

Discus - 1.6kg varsity: 1. Keegan Wold (Whitefish) 136-03 (SR); 2. Brooks Michaels (Glacier) 131-01.5 (SR); 3. Bode Wold (Whitefish) 129-06 (PR).

Also for Troy: 19. Tyler Gromley 99-08.5 (PR).

Discus - 1.6kg junior varsity: 1. Cyrus Sweedman (Libby) 126-04.5 (PR); 2. Cody Burk (Thompson Falls) 124-05.5; 3. Mark Clark (Shelby) 107-10.5 (PR).

Discus - 1.6kg freshman: 1. Layne Cooney (Hellgate) 113-05; 2. Cameron Brusven (Shelby) 93-09; 3. Garett Hansen (Shelby) 86-10 (PR).

Also for Libby: 4. Aydan Williamson 86-00; 13. Trey Anderson 72-03.5.

Javelin - 800g varsity: 1. Evan Todd (Glacier) 187-11; 2. Logan Riddle (Hellgate) 172-05; 3. Zach Gillespie (Glacier) 163-07.

Also for Libby: 20. Tyler Gromley 121-11 (SR); 21. Trevor Hoagland 119-05 (PR).

Javelin - 800g junior varsity: 1. Jay Beagle (Libby) 133-02; 2. Cody Burk (Thompson Falls) 132-00 (PR); 3. Jace Thompson (Fort Benton) 130-11.

Also for Libby: 7. Cyrus Sweedman 124-04 (PR).

Javelin - 800g freshman: 1. Aydan Williamson (Libby) 138-05; 2. Joseph Kindel (Lincoln County) 130-11 (PR); 3. Colter Ball (Fort Benton) 130-02 (PR).

Also for Libby: 16. Trey Anderson 78-08.

High jump varsity: 1. Wyatt Duke (Bigfork) 6-04; 2. Colten Clemons (Libby) 6-02 (PR); 3. Rhett Reynolds (Shelby) 6-00.

Also for Libby: 5. Keith Johnson 6-00; 8. Trevor Hoagland 5-06 (PR).

High jump freshman: 1. Louis Bartlett (Glacier) 5-06; 2. Taylor Parsons (Shelby) 5-06 (PR); 3. Levi Taylor (Bigfork) 5-04.

Also for Libby: 6. Trey Anderson 5-00.

Pole Vault varsity: 1. Josh Dudley (Whitefish) 13-06 (PR); 2. Jack Eisenbarth (Whitefish) 13-06; 3. Gator Mostek (Glacier) 13-00 (PR).

Also for Libby: 9. Ethan Beck 11-06.

Pole Vault junior varsity: 1. Jaxon Heinz (Columbia Falls) 11-06 (PR); 2. Dillon Muth (Whitefish) 11-00 (PR); 3. John Cheroske (Libby) 10-00.

Pole Vault freshman: 1. Joe Limberis (Glacier) 10-00; 2. Wyatt Herd (Bigfork) 10-00 (PR); 3. Dawson Rose (Libby) 9-00.

Long jump varsity: 1. Seth Moon (Flathead) 21-01.25 (PR); 2. Logan Riddle (Hellgate) 21-00.75 (PR); 3. Nick Marais (Fort Benton) 20-05 (PR).

Also for Libby: 15. Eli Gilliam-Smith 18-06.5; 18. Ethan Beck 18-03.25; 25. Ryker Ford 13-09.5;

Triple jump varsity: 1. Cole Crosby (Glacier) 41-11.75 (PR); 2. Drew Deck (Glacier) 41-04.75; 3. Adam Bartlett (Glacier) 41-02.25 (PR).

Also for Libby: 5. Keith Johnson 40-11.5 (SR); 9. Colten Clemons 40-00.25;

Also for Troy: 16. Trevor Hoagland 35-03.


100m dash - varsity: 1. Kamdyn Molenda (Cut Bank) 12.94a; 2. Jessica Barnhart (Flathead) 12.96a; 3. Lauren Schulz (Whitefish) 13.14a.

Also for Libby: 9. Olivia Gilliam-Smith 13.44a.

100m dash - JV: 1. Chloe Nadeau (Flathead) 13.67a (PR); 2. Audrey Buenz (Bigfork) 13.69a; 3. Veronica Ware (Flathead) 13.89a (PR).

Also for Libby: 14. Bridget Pena 14.91a (SR); 24. Savanna Sanderson 15.84a.

100m dash - freshman: 1. Lily Tanko (Flathead) 13.92a (PR); 2. Alexis Green (Columbia Falls) 14.2a; 3. Rylee Barnes (Flathead) 14.27a.

Also for Libby: 6. Madison Caruthers 14.5a; 16. Krystal Pena 15.58a.

100m hurdles - 33” varsity: 1. Faith Brennan (Glacier) 15.6a (SR); 2. Skyleigh Thompson (Flathead) 16.42a (PR); 3. Allie Wallace (Fort Benton) 16.88a.

Also for Libby: 5. Emma Gruber 17a (SR).

300m hurdles - 30” varsity: 1. Aubry Grame (Glacier) 46.92a; 2. Skyleigh Thompson (Flathead) 47.31a (PR); 3. Taylor Brisendine (Glacier) 48.33a (PR).

Also for Libby: 5. Emma Gruber 49.3a (SR).

Shot put - 4kg varsity: 1. Ashton McAnally (Bigfork) 38-04 (PR); 2. Kayla Martin (Flathead) 37-00.75; 3. Kiera Brown (Columbia Falls) 36-05.5 (PR).

Also for Libby: 20. Autumn Fajotina 24-07.5 (SR).

Discus - 1kg varsity: 1. Rebecca Eacker (Flathead) 110-11 (PR); 2. Angellica Street (Columbia Falls) 106-03 (SR); 3. Ashton McAnally (Bigfork) 104-08.25.

Also for Libby: 24. Autumn Fajotina 61-00.5.

Javelin - 600g varsity: 1. Angellica Street (Columbia Falls) 143-03; 2. Piper Pfister (Hellgate) 127-03 (PR); 3. Katie Dixon (Glacier) 124-07 (SR).

Also for Libby: 25. Morgan Williams 70-08; 26. Autumn Fajotina 52-11 (PR).

High jump varsity: 1. Madison Boles (Flathead) 5-06 (PR); 2. Giliian Sherrill (Hellgate) 5-01; 3. Taylor Brisendine (Glacier) 5-01.

Also for Troy: 12. Ella Pierce 4-07.

Long jump varsity: 1. Faith Brennan (Glacier) 17-07.5 (SR); 2. Leah Gannon (Fort Benton) 16-06 (SR); 3. Jenna Johnson (Flathead) 16-05.5 (PR).

Also for Libby: 6. Emma Gruber 15-09; 12. Olivia Gilliam-Smith 14-11.

Long jump junior varsity: 1. Tessa Smith (Flathead) 14-05; 2. Shayenn Thompson (Flathead) 14-02; 3. Alexis Purcell (Columbia Falls) 14-01 (PR).

Also for Libby: 8. Savanna Sanderson 13-00; 15. Bridget Pena 11-07.75.

Long jump freshman: 1. Hannah Sempf (Columbia Falls) 14-06.5; 2. Kylie Munsinger (Flathead) 14-01.5 (PR); 3. Tommye Kelly (Whitefish) 14-00.75.

Also for Libby: 10. Krystal Pena 12-10.25; 12. Madison Caruthers 12-08.75.

Triple jump junior varsity: 1. Brook Luly (Shelby) 31-11.25 (PR); 2. Helen Abramchuk (Whitefish) 31-07 (PR); 3. Brogan McAllister (Shelby) 29-04.25 (SR).

Also for Libby: 4. Savanna Sanderson 28-06.5.

Triple jump freshman: 1. Hannah Sempf (Columbia Falls) 32-00.25 (PR); 2. Cheyanne Johnston-Heinz (Columbia Falls) 30-03; 3. Hannah Deck (Glacier) 30-01.75;

Also for Libby: 11. Krystal Pena 26-02.

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