Football: Trojans fall 66-6 at St. Ignatius

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The Troy High School Football Team took a heavy league loss to the St. Ignatius Bulldogs last Friday, falling 66-6.

The only Trojan touchdown of the night came from senior Hunter Leighty in the third quarter. Leighty, with 71 yards out of three carries, led Troy in both total yards and yards per carry, all from passes received.

Senior Cody Osterberg led the Trojans in rushing yards with 50. He also racked up four tackles on defense.

Troy Head Coach Luke Haggerty complimented Osterberg — along with senior Cy Winslow, sophomore Ben McCann and junior Ricki Starks — for having really good games and showing heart the whole time.

On defense, Winslow led the team in tackles with 11. He also carried the ball six times for 30 yards on passes, and had another four yards in two carries rushing.

McCann was credited five tackles for the game, and Starks had two. Starks also ran five yards off one reception.

As quarterback, Osterberg threw for 114 yards, with 10 completions and four interceptions over 20 attempts. Junior Ricki Fisher threw two-of-seven with 18 yards gained and no interceptions.

While some of the team stood out with their performances, much of the effort was more spread out than it has been in other games early in the Trojan’s preseason.

But, despite their efforts, they went scoreless for two quarters as they fell behind the Bulldogs 52-0. In the second half, the Trojans flipped things a bit, holding St. Ignatius from scoring while Leighty ran the only Trojan touchdown of the game.

But they were unable to hold off the Bulldogs in the final quarter, falling behind by another 14 points.

“We came out flat, and were never really able to get it going,” Haggerty said. “Games like this happen, but I know it will just be a bump in the road and we will get back on track this week.”

The Troy game against Victor at home was moved from its original scheduled time tonight, and was played Thursday after press time.

The Trojans will play on Friday, Sept. 21 at Clark Fork, where they will face the Superior-Alberton coop team at 7 p.m.

Friday, Sept. 7

St. Ignatius 66, Troy 6

SI: 28 24 0 14 - 66

T: 0 0 6 0 - 6

Troy (0-3)

Passing: 12 of 27 for 132 yds, 1 TD 4 Int; Cody Osterberg 10 of 20 for 114 yds, 1 TD and 4 Int; Ricki Fisher 1 of 7 for 18 yds.

Rushing: 11 carries for 57 yards; Cody Osterberg 6 carries for 50 yds; Cy Winslow 2 carries for 4 yds; Ricki Fisher 2 carries for 3 yds; Tyler Gromley 1 for 0 yds.

Receiving: 11 carries for 121 yds, 1 TD; Hunter Leighty 3 carries for 71 yds, 1 TD; Cy Winslow 6 carries for 30 yds; Ricki Fisher 1 carry for 15 yds; Ricki Starks 1 carry for 5 yds.

Kick Returns: Cy Winslow 3 returns for 18 yds; Hunter Leighty 1 return for 15 yds; Alex Harper 3 returns for 9 yds; Tyler Gromley 1 return for 5 yds;

Tackles: Cy Winslow 11, Dylan Peterson 6, Ben McCann 5, Alex Harper 5, Cody Osterberg 4, Ricki Starks 2, Brodie Gravier 2, Ricki Fisher 2, A.J Starks 1, Tyler Gromley 1

St. Ignatius (2-1)

Passing: 13 of 22 for 133 yds, 3 TD;

Rushing: 21 carries for 226 yds, 5 TD

Receiving: 11 carries for 113 yds, 3 TD

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