Mob takes off in cargo van

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A caller thought it was suspicious when he saw about 20 people jump into the back of a U-Haul-type van headed westbound on U.S. 2, according to Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office logs. Officers investigated and found that the van was being used to transport workers to a hotel in Troy after their original vehicle broke down.

A panicking man told officers he was in danger and needed protection from another person after he found some flies in his Gatorade. He believed they were placed there by his landlord in an attempt to poison him.

A caller said her beagle dog was attacked by pit bull belonging to a person visiting a resident on East 5th Street. The caller’s dog was at the vet getting surgery.

A call from someone claiming to be with Social Security was suspected to be fraudulent. The scammer said the person would be arrested if money wasn’t paid.

Officers were called about several dogs confined to a small area.

A man alleged that his ex-wife was using his food stamps card.

An elderly couple on U.S. 2 was seen driving very slowly and swerving all over the roadway. Highway Patrol was advised.

Officers in Livingston found a wallet belonging to a Libby resident. Arrangement were made to pick the wallet up.

Cats dropped off at a residence a few day ago were now spraying all over everything.

A difficult customer was 86’d from a flower shop.

Some type of altercation happened between a man and a dog.

A caller thought that a reported missing person might be a hitchhiker he picked up and dropped off in Libby.

A woman was seen throwing things at a man outside of a bar in Libby.

A caller lost her only set of car keys while at the car show.

A woman said her neighbor’s dog knocked her over and bit her pant leg.

A caller yelled at a white Dodge seen speeding on California.

Hooping and hollering was suspected to be coming from an underage party.

An aggravated DUI arrest was made on Mineral and 8th Street.

People were attempting to get into rooms at the old Libby Hotel.

One man was arrested following a verbal disturbance on California.

A firearm was reported stolen from a vehicle on Cedar Hill Road.

Someone found a couple homeless cats.

A caller said her son and his grandmother got into a “short but physical fight.” Both parties were separated.

Someone stole a screen door on Three Corner Road and the caller knew who had it.

Officers were called to patrol and area after a bottle-rocket hit the caller’s roof.

A caller advised officers about a couple who is keeping a squirrel for a pet.

A caller wanted to talk about threatening texts he had received and about damage he found on his vehicle.

A woman said she was threatened and that accusations were made.

A wallet with a driver’s license was found at the car show.

A suspicious person was seen at the site of a small fire on Fisher River Road.

A man was arrested for DUI on U.S. 2.

A man showed back up at a bar he was just 86’d from.

A man was arrested and charged with a third DUI on U.S. 2.

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